100 Years of Diplomatic Relations Between Poland And Belgium

2019 is the year Kingdom of Belgium and Republic of Poland celebrate the centenary of their diplomatic relations. This important anniversary was the perfect occasion to manifest Polish-Belgian friendship not only on the state level but also between local communities and between people.


On this occasion, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium and Wallonia-Brussels Delegation in Warsaw, together with CFE and residents of Belgijska street represented by the MOKO association, worked on a joint urban artistic project. It involved a mural designed by an artist from Brussels – Olivier Binamé (http://oli-b.be/), which decorated the southern wall of a house at ul. Belgijska 5. The mural represents an artistic vision of intertwined Polish and Belgian motives: a colourful "map" of Poland integrates Belgian threads and references to masterpieces of Belgian painting. The result is a colourful mosaic with a positive message, nourishing a feeling of fellowship.


The process of painting the mural and the Belgijska Street Day was filmed by another Belgian artist – Jules Césure (jules-cesure.com), who created a video clip commemorating the event.


The mural represents an example of successful cooperation between the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium, Wallonia-Brussels Delegation and the local community; at the same time the street, and therefore Warsaw, gained a unique piece of art.


The unveiling of the mural took place on 7 September 2019 at 4 p.m.