CFE’s success would not be possible without the great team that we employ- from the engineers on site, through the tender team to the company’s management team. We put a great amount of energy and time into the recruitment process because we see that, as our company grows, we need to hire people that will complement the existing team and not divide it. The people we employ should understand and be part of our company’s philosophy and values. The company is the people, so having a close team of professionals we can successfully implement the projects entrusted to us.

In the CFE we focus on development by providing a range of training courses tailored to the needs of our employees and their positions.

In the CFE we know that training is one of the best and most effective ways to improve professional qualifications. Workshops that we provide our employees allow them to acquire new skills and knowledge, which in turn allow the employees to use their full potential. To meet expectations , we support our employees in obtaining building licenses, too . The CFE as a longtime member of the Belgian and Duch Chambers, takes advantage of the international experience in the field of professional training.

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