Amber Tower

Amber Tower is a redevelped, 10- storey building of the 1970s. At present the building is used for office space, with a hotel suite component, a restaurant can be found on the ground floor. The tower is located in the picturesque marina of Gdansk. The original structure of the building has been preserved, renovated and an insulated facade gives the building a unique form. General renovation contributed to the use of the latest technological solutions typical of the B + class office buildings; the building distinguishes itself with its increased acoustic and thermal insulation, providing comfort of exploitation in the fastest growing part of the Old City.


Domotel Sp. z o.o.

Total surface

4 656 m²

Project type

office and hotel building

Usable surface

3 615 m²


Szafarnia 10, Gdańsk

Realisation period

2012 - 2014


KD Kozikowski Design


16 491 m³

Scope of work


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