E.Leclerc Lublin Turystyczna

The project concerned the construction of a single-storey sales and service building. In the mezzanine in front of the building there are located offices with an area of ​​approximately 500 sqm. The height of the building is approx. 11 meters. The construction of the building was made of reinforced concrete pillars, the roof structure made of steel trusses based on poles. The construction of a mezzanine floor was made of reinforced concrete produced on the site. The unusual moment during the construction was the installation of all roof ventilation units (6 Lennox roof-tops weighting about 1600 to 1800 kg each) with the use of a helicopter. The transportation and installation of a specialized equipment carried out within 5 hours.


E.Leclerc Polska

Total surface

13 500 m²

Project type

commercial building

Usable surface

13 500 m²


Turystyczna 1, Lublin

Realisation period

2001 - 2003


Stelmach i Partnerzy


108 000 m³

Scope of work

design and build