E.Leclerc Lublin Zana

The first phase of the E.Leclerc expansion concerned the enlargement of the underground car park, the enlargement of the supermarket hall and the warehouse space by approximately 30%, the additional space for new offices and welfare facilities and the rearrangement of the production area. The second stage concerned the works on the north-east corner of the existing building, what included the enlargement of the underground car park (about 1500 sqm.), the two-level area under lease (boutiques zone) with an area of approximately 5500 sqm. and a warehouse with an area of about 500 sqm. The works were carried on the open object - the customers’ access and delivery of the goods have not been interrupted. Due to the location of the building and the difference in the surface level one part of a building was located on the area above the underground parking.


E.Leclerc Polska

Total surface

29 420 m²

Project type

commercial building


Tomasza Zana 19, Lublin

Realisation period

1997 - 1998, 2000 - 2001, 2005 - 2006



Scope of work

construction, design and build