Panattoni Łódź

The project consists in construction of a logistics centre – Panattoni Park Łódź, Tomaszowska Small, including land development and technical infrastructure. The buildings it comprises have been designed to perform a storage function and incorporate offices and staff rooms needed to operate them. They are single-storey warehouses with storage space height of up to 10 m, designed on a rectangular plan with column spacing 12x22.5 m and 22.5x24 m in the dock area. They use a hybrid structure with in-situ RC foundations, precast RC columns, steel roof structure and masonry walls in office buildings. The first stage covers construction of Building I and Building II. The second and third stages will involve construction of Building III and Building IV.




Total surface

Hala/warehouse I: 19 008 m2, Hala/warehouse II: 24 010 m2, Hala/warehouse III: 26 404 m2, Hala/warehouse IV: 3 822 m2

Project type

industrial building


Jędrzejowska, Łódź.

Realisation period

2018 - 2019


Pracownia Projektowa "BLOK-ART"

Scope of work

design and build, construction works