Panattoni Sosnowiec II

The subject of this project is construction of a storage and production facility together with its technical and communication infrastructure as well as staff rooms and office areas; it involves a comprehensive land development solution including technical and road infrastructure. The project covers the storage and production buildings – which also houses technical rooms and spaces with office and staff functions – a gatehouse, pump station and a fire water tank, internal systems and external grids, internal roads, car parks and paved yards as well as access roads and pathways. The project will be completed in stages designed so that each stage contains all elements needed for it to function autonomously. The design of external and internal infrastructure allows to freely configure the use, and even construction, of the complex.

The logistics center in Sosnowiec is the next industrial project executed in this city for Panattoni Development Europe.



Panattoni Europe

Total surface

całkowita powierzchnia zabudowy: 32 338 mkw

Project type

industrial building


ul. Inwestycyjna 14, Sosnowiec

Realisation period

Stage II: 09-12.2020


Tacakiewicz/Ferma Kresek

Scope of work

construction works, executive project