Panattoni Gdańsk

This development is a production, storage and logistics facility. A large volume building, it consists of a warehouse, freezer, internal and external technical rooms and spaces reserved for staff and office functions. In addition, the complex encompasses two separate office buildings. Both the main facility and the office buildings are single-storey structures.


Reinforced concrete columns and steel trusses supporting the flat roof make up the frame of the main facility. The project also includes auxiliary structures such as the pump station and fire water tank.


The scope of works covers preparation of the execution design of the complex, soil improvement (displacement piles), construction of load bearing structure, grids and systems, cooling system, roads, turnkey finish for the offices and landscaping.


Panattoni Europe

Total surface

71 474 mkw

Project type

industrial building

Usable surface

32 415,11 mkw


ul. Tama Pędzichowska 1, Gdańsk

Realisation period

07.2020 – 02.2021


Grupa Projektowa Port


425 408 m3

Scope of work

design & build